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Today CheatsRoom devotes an article to War Heroes, a real-time strategy game very popular among our players. If you are concerned, you are aware that gems are a particularly valuable resource and … unfortunately paid. To get around the payments, we suggest you use our gems generator, an online cheat that is very easy to set up.

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The gems generator on WH Fun Action

War Heroes Fun Action HackA few years ago, while freemium games, also known as free-to-play games, swarmed on our smart devices (smartphones and tablets among others), our team decided to design several tools able to counter the payments imposed by the paid options.

With the help of developers specialized in video game cheats, we have been able to set up various tools, including the resource generators, which is one of the most popular cheats of the cheatosphere.

The popularity of the generators is explained by the simplicity of its use as well as its efficiency: by generating a lot of resources, you benefit from a limitless and unrestrained game and all that for free! In short, it’s as if you had bought the game, but without paying a single penny … pretty good isn’t it?

In the case of War Heroes Fun Action, you must for example win your battles against the enemy to get more mystery chests to improve your cards and deploy units or even more impressive weapons once on the battlefield.

Since you do not want to spend your money on frivolous and above all virtual resources, it is normal to look for another way.

The one we offer for you allows you to generate thousands of gems for free, unlimited, but especially completely anonymous.

Reliable and secure cheating trick

The generator we offer is unique. Designed from our premises by a team of expert developers in video game hacking, we submit them to a series of tests that allow us to evaluate the reliability of our service.

The generator of CheatsRoom is a 100% secure cheat: with a transparent filter function, it is completely untraceable by the game publishers.

In addition to this transparency feature, our developers has added an anti-robot test within the generator that allows you to verify your identity and link your account to the servers of the generator.

To be able to publish the generator on our site, we have to send them to a commission of experts external to CheatsRoom. This commission aims to authenticate the effectiveness of our hack and especially to certify its security system.

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The use of the cheats codes

At the end of the generation process of our hack, you will find a security portal that we have installed and that must be validated by your own care. Aware that this operation may be somewhat tricky for some novice Cheaters, we added there an explanation steps that will help you understand how to validate this security system.

Remember that you can use the generator as many times as you want, it is free, unlimited and it always will be!

Cheats > Application of the gems generator

Remember that you must first have an account on War Heroes Fun Action to generate gems on your game.

  • Step n°1 – Click on the “Go to Generator” button at the top of this page
  • Step n°2 – To identify yourself, simply indicate and choose either the alias you use for War Heroes Fun Action or the identifier that connects you to your download platform.
  • Step n°3 – Indicate how many gems you want to inject into your account and click on “Start Generator
  • Step n°4 – Validate our security system and wait a few moments.
  • Step n°5 – Then go to War Heroes Fun Action to enjoy your gems!

Introducing War Heroes Fun Action

War Heroes Fun Action IconWar Heroes Fun Action is a mobile game available on iOS and Android in English language. This is a PvP strategy game similar to Clash Royale.

If you prefer the innovative turn-based strategy games, you will love War Heroes. The graphics and terrain of your battlefield are colorful and fun and the players a plunging view quite appreciable during the fighting.

On War Heroes the goal is twofold. You will have to win your duels, but you will also have to collect cards. On each card, a clean characteristic: a unit or a weapon that you will have to deploy on the ground as a response to the enemy attacks.

This real-time strategy game offers you to collect more than 25 different cards: between units and weapons, you will need to take some time to train or improve them. Once you have won the battle, you will unlock surprise chests and find new cards to test in the field.

Improving or even training your troops will necessarily come at a cost. You will have to spend a bunch of gold coins that you can only get from the gems you just generated. We hope that you have enjoyed this trick and that you will come back for another cheats!

The CheatsRoom Team.


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