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Hello to everyone! Today we find ourselves for a little special cheat. If you like History with a big H, then you probably play War of Colony. This game of war and strategy is a freemium that we have put aside for a long time and now we decided to approach by presenting a cheat that may be useful to you: a generator of gems completely free!

Presentation of the gems generator

War of Colony Battle Synergy CheatsRoomStrategy games are usually the most greedy. War of Colony unfortunately does not escape this rule because it regularly asks its players in the expenditure of money for them to buy gems in the game shop.

Gems are a very valuable resource because through them you can get other resources but also accelerate the process of building or improving your buildings.

The gems generator for War of Colony is an online cheating system set up by CheatsRoom developers. These are recognized as true experts in cheating.

With their experience and know-how in terms of coding, the developers of CheatsRoom allow thousands of players to enjoying free and limitless gameplays.

The tool that we make available on this page is protected by a security portal also created by our teams.

Composed of an anti-robot test as well as a transparency filter, this security allows its users to be protected from the potential risks of bans to which they are usually exposed.

For this device to be functional, users must activate it by following every step that we published inside the generator of gems.

After knowing that security activation is a must – it is recommended integrating well – you just have to follow the instructions in the following instructions.

Hack > Generate free gems on War of Colony

  • Step n°1 – Go to the top of this page and click on the button “Go to generator
  • Step n°2 – In the bar provided, choose either: the username you assigned to your first connection on War of Colony or the email address linked to your account on the App Store or on Google Play.
  • Step n°3 – From the quantities of gems offered, select the ones that suit you then click on “Start Generator“. Remember that you can come back whenever you want to renew another generation.
  • Step n°4 – Activate our security system.
  • Step n°5 – Wait for the generator to produce your gems and then once the loading bar is complete, restart War of Colony.
  • Step n°6 – Go to War of Colony to enjoy your gems!

Why and when should I use this cheating code?

War of Colony Free Gems CheatsRoomThe quantities of gems proposed by our generator are identical to those proposed in the War of Colony shop. The reason? A triple measure thought by our developers not to arouse the suspicions of publishers (with the activation of our security portal, the chances of you being spotted are close to 0.01%, it tells you something!).

In order to enjoy a varied, but moderate gameplay, we advise you not to use our generator more than three or four times a week.

The interest of the generator of gems is obvious dear Cheaters, you will understand it. Beyond the savings that you realize by using it, you benefit from a rich and diversified gameplay and all this without arousing the suspicions of whoever it is.

Anyway, I will tell you one thing: WoC players can enjoy their gems in peace and especially take care of their army.

Have a good games with your favorite cheating partner: CheatsRoom!

Presentation of War of Colony

War of Colony Icon CheatsRoomWar of Colony is a war and strategy game that you can download for free from the App Store and Google Play. The game is also available in many languages.

In this game, you dive into the colonial era. As a colonel, you will need to assemble a strong army to attack nearby enemies. The objective is a bit the same as in Total War Battles: succeed your attacks to perfection in order to plunder a maximum of resources.

Your strategy will have to expand in the field of construction. Indeed, to build a powerful army, you will have to build a solid base. This headquarters must be constantly improved since invaders will regularly come to attack you.

On War of Colony, the gems you just generated will allow you to see a fairly fast progression. This trick will allow you to discover new territories likely to be conquered by your army, more and more powerful.

With well-done graphics, WoC is definitely a strategy game to adopt especially if you are history buff. We hope you enjoy our hack and we wish you to enjoy it to the fullest.

Do not hesitate to write us a little comment after the use of our hack to share your impressions. We see you again tomorrow for another hack dear Cheaters, so stay connected!

See you tomorrow!

The CheatsRoom Team.

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