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You were very numerous to write to us to get a cheats on the mobile game Vainglory. Faced with the enormous pressure you have put on us (humor of the day 🙂 ) our developers quickly gave in by developing an ice generator, the most precious resource of the game.

The Ice generator for Vainglory

Vainglory hackIt’s no secret, Vainglory is a fearsome freemium that displays incredible prices in its ICE shop (count about 6$ for 600 ice only …). When we know that there are more economical ways to get ice, it is hard to understand how the publishers of this game allow themselves for us to pay such sums.

If you have never used a cheat tool before, it is only natural that you should be a bit reluctant to do this kind of practice. Most players who use a cheat as a generator for the first time often think wrong that these codes are difficult to access and even more difficult to put into practice.

At CheatsRoom we have a heart for many years to help as many players in the use of cheats. We believe that video games are based on a principle of equality and democracy, we want to make them accessible to as many people as possible.

The code put in place by our developers comes in the form of a generator of ice totally free and unlimited use. It is accessible online from this page and is directly connected to our servers.

The small plus of our cheats tricks is that they are all protected by a very high security system also designed by our experts. This security system includes an anti-robot test and a transparency filter that makes our users completely anonymous.

When using a cheats for the first time, make sure that it is protected by such a system. At CheatsRoom you have the possibility to check it since you must activate it.

Using the ice generator hack in a secure way

Vainglory hackExperiments carried out on generators other than ours have shown us that it has become essential to secure players accounts on Vainglory during the generation of ice. In case the generator you are using does not have security, you risk indeed being banned from Vainglory … for life!

To avoid such a drama, we advise you to read this article carefully. You will understand how to activate our security system. Promised, it only lasts a few minutes.

CheatsRoom has chosen to determine beforehand the quantities of ice you wish to generate on your Vainglory account. This is for a very specific reason: blur the tracks and make the publishers believe that you actually paid to get those amounts of ice.

Naturally and since the use of our generator is unlimited, you can come back to generate more ice, but you will have to re-activate each time our security system. We do not worry too much for you, we know that you will soon become an online pro cheater 😉

And here is is dear cheaters! Now that you are unbeatable on our ice generator for Vainglory, we suggest that you discovered the steps to follow for an optimal and 100% safe use of our cheat trick. Are you ready? So let’s go!

>_ Activating the ice generator hack – Vainglory

Do not forget that you must first have an account on Vainglory to generate ice on your game.

  • Step n°1 – Open the generator by clicking on the red button “Go to Generator” which you will find at the top of this page
  • Step n°2 – Enter in the appropriate box the username or e-mail address that links you to your Vainglory account.
  • Step n°3 – In the drop-down box, select the media type you are using (iOS or Android).
  • Step n°4 – Select the quantity of ice you want to inject into your Vainglory account. Do not forget that you can come back later for another generation?
  • Step n°5 – Click on the “Generate” button then wait until the loading bar is completely full
  • Step n°6 – Activate our security system to protect your account.
  • Step n°7 – Restart Vainglory then go to the app to see the status of your account and enjoy games without ever being limited by the lack of ice!

About Vainglory

Vainglory hackWith a year late on Android (released in 2015) compared to its release on iOS, Vainglory has flowed a lot of ink! This MOBA developed and then published by the new Californian studio Super Evil Megacorp has in any case seduced millions of players all over the world.

The genre MOBA – originally adapted for PC – is a real mobile success for Vainglory. The graphics are quite splendid and the cards (level design) are of an implacable logic.

As for gameplay, no surprise either: in three pvp modes, you will face an opposing team of the same quota and must kill all its minions in charge to protect their turrets and their main base.

You will have the opportunity to “collect” a wide range of characters with equally multiple skills / powers. If the ice generator allows you to shorten certain waiting times or to get other resources, you will essentially need your neurons to act strategically on Vainglory. Who said that cheating did all the dirty work?

While waiting for our next cheat dear Cheaters, we wish you an excellent time on CheatsRoom!


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