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Operate Now: Hospital Cheats

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Amateurs and enthusiasts of management games, if you read these lines, then you are there to recover golden hearts for mobile game Operate Now: Hospital.

Congratulations, you knocked to the right doors!

The CheatsRoom team is now very proud to present its new golden hearts generator for Operate Now: Hospital. We hope you will enjoy it.

Are you not yet familiar with our site? Do not panic, this article is there to explain everything in detail and especially to accompany you in your first generation of resources on CheatsRoom.

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Presentation of the golden hearts generator ONH

operate now hospital hack cheatsCheatsRoom is a group of players who are passionate about computing and have quickly realized that it is necessary to put in place an infallible and applicable cheats for each freemium game.

Freemiums, also known as free-to-play, are free downloadable games from your tablet or smartphone, but unfortunately they contain paid options. Now if these options were actually optional, no need for a cheats you will tell me.

And yet! What is represented by golden hearts for Operate Now: Hospital is actually the virtual currency of the game. We precisely need these resources that we could improve our buildings and avoid waiting hours for improvement. Completed.

The team we are training has a lot of difficulty in accepting that this is a way of deceiving players who, passionate about their game, buy these resources out of their own pockets. For this reason we decided, with the help of developers experts in cheating of online video games, to unite our skills and bring them to profile all through a blog: CheatsRoom.

The generators you find on our website have all been designed by our team. If CheatsRoom is today considered the best site of mobile cheats reference it is for the experience of our developers, but especially for the security aspect that it provides

Indeed, each generator has a security system allowing player to be absolutely untraceable. This security system has become mandatory and each Cheater has to submit to its validation or no resources will be delivered to your game account! We do not joke with security here!

How does the Golden Hearts Generator work?

So that each one of you can use the generator as it should, we have listed the steps below to follow:

Note: To use our generator you must first have an account on Operate Now: Hospital.

Step n°1 – Open the generator by clicking on the button “Go to generator” which you will find at the top of this page.

Step n°2 – From the drop-down list, choose the operating system used by your device: iOS, Windows Phone, Android.

Step n°3 – Then choose either the nickname (Dr who?) You are using on Operate Now: Hospital or the username that allows you to connect to your download platform.

Step n°4 – Finally choose the amount of golden hearts you want to inject into your Operate Now: Hospital account and then once you are satisfied with your choice, click on “Generate“.

You can of course repeat this operation later and as many times as you want since it is free. We leave generators for life on our site! You do not risk losing it.

Step n°5Validate the security system and then return to your Operate Now: Hospital application to finally enjoy all your golden hearts!

What are the risks associated with using our cheats?

operate now hospital hack cheats

Once the amount of golden hearts determined and the activation of the security system put in place, you risk absolutely nothing. Your account information is erased from the servers and you can finally enjoy your game at its true value.

Presentation video of Operate Now: Hospital


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