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If you are on this page today it is because you are looking for free gems on Olympus Rising. Congratulations! You are about to get it with our free and unlimited gems generator.

Our gems generator for Olympus Rising

Most players who come to CheatsRoom are already regulars of cheating online.Olympus Rising Cheats

So some players who decide to start using a cheats are somewhat lost when they come to our site.

Through this article we will try to explain to you how our cheat tool works but also how to use it optimally. After your first successful us of cheat, you will be able to generate unlimited gems and actually enjoy unlimited plays on Olympus Rising.

If our generators are tools appreciated by a large part of the mobile games players it is mainly because they are particularly simple to use. These hacks are created by expert online cheats developers who already got experience of more than six years, that’s tell you how reliable our generators are!

Is the gems generator secure?

This is a question that comes up quite regularly among young cheaters. And the answer is yes! You can see this by activating the security system developed by our developers.

This security system consists of an anti-robot test and a transparency function that acts as a filter within the system of the game. This transparency filter allows each user to cheat safely since it masks their identity. As a bonus: the gem generator is directly connected to our servers which ensures a double security! 🙂 We are like this at CheatsRoom: safety is paramount!

The anti-robot test is responsible for sending a coded message to our generator to make it understand that the desired generation of gems emanates from an individual and not from malicious software trying to sabotage our work. This has already happened in the past and we have quickly dealt with the problem without any user being affected.

As we had mentioned previously, activation of the security system is strictly mandatory. This is done at the end of the generation once you have quantified the number of gems you want to see on your Olympus Rising account.

In order to accompany you at best in your generation as well as in the activation of our security system we have developed an example tutorial that we ask you to kindly read before starting to use the generator of gems.

Finally, we provide you with a manual of the generator in the form of step-by-step to follow. We hope that everything will be clear to you. If not, please feel free to write us a comment at the bottom of this article, we will get back to you as soon as possible!

>_ Activating the gems generator cheat – Olympus Rising

  • Step n° 1 – Open the generator by clicking on the red button “Access the generator” which you will find at the top of this page
  • Step n°2 – Enter in the corresponding box the username or e-mail address that links you to your Olympus Rising account.
  • Step n°3 – In the drop-down box, select the media type you are using (iOS or Android).
  • Step n°4 – Select the quantity of gems you want to inject into your Olympus Rising account. Do not forget that you can come back later for another generation?
  • Step n°5 – Click on the “Generate” button then wait until the loading bar is completely full
  • Step n°6 – Activate our security system by protecting yourself.
  • Step n°7 – Restart Olympus Rising then go to the application to see the status of your account and enjoy games without ever being limited by the lack of gems!

Introducing Olympus Rising

Olympus Rising Icon CheatsOlympus Rising is an action strategy/management game in which you play as one of the gods of Olympus and have to prove your strength by using complex schemes and powers worthy of the great Gods in order to annihilate your opponents. You will have to direct troops and confront mythological monsters: find the Lernaen Hydra, the Nemean Lion, the King Minos of Crete and many others!

If your powers as well as your army of mortals will allow you to climb the ladders quickly, you will also need to recruit powerful monsters in order to fight those of the opposing camp.

The attacking is not only about beating the opponent’s enemy tower. Indeed, you will also have to build and develop a powerful city at the top of Mount Olympus to train and upgrade your troops.

Do not forget to regularly generate gems on CheatsRoom. They will be valuable to you during the fantastic adventure you have to pursue!

See you very soon for a next cheat on CheatsRoom!

The CheatsRoom Team.

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