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Halfway between the legend of King Arthur and the Game of Thrones series, King of Avalon is one of the most popular mobile games in 2017! With more than 10 million downloads worldwide, it is a game that deserves the attention of the developers of CheatsRoom so that they design a free and unlimited gold coins generator!

Our gold coins generator for King of Avalon

The Gold coins generator is a specially designed cheat for the King of Avalon mobile game. It is a hack available and usable online connected directly to our servers. Although it has become very common to make use of it, some players are still in the initial mode.

Also, our team had the idea a few years ago to create a website to explain through micro articles how to use cheats – like the gold generator – optimally.

Why is our generator reliable?

This great KoA cheat tool is a cheat designed by our own developer team. The latter are specialists in online cheating and more broadly computer code. Thanks to their skills, we can guarantee to all of our users an unwavering reliability of our cheat tools.

In fact, to be sure that the cheat you are using is reliable, just make sure that the cheat you use have a security system. At CheatsRoom, do not worry about it: you are obliged to validate our security portal if you want to get your gold coins to your account.

How to use our hack?

We provide you with a very short instruction manual that allows you to understand the main steps in a generation process.

Once you have chosen the amount of gold coins you would like to receive on your KoA account, you will only need to look at the example “step-by-step” that our teams have made (at the middle of this page) Activate our security.

Can you use our generator several times in a row?

Our security portal consists of an anti-robot test as well as a transparency filter that protects your identity and your KoA account.

By activating the safety of our generator, you exclude any risk of banning on KoA. Also, thanks to this security, you will be able to generate thousands of gold coins for free but also an unlimited times since you are not recognized

There you go ! Now, the generator has no more secrets for you and you can start to generate coins now!

Cheat> Applying the gold coins generator

Do not forget that in order to be able to generate gold coins for King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare you must first have an account on the game.

  • 1. Click the “Go to Generator” button at the top of this page
  • 2. Step n°2. Select the type of platform you are using (iOS / Android) and then, to identify yourself, simply indicate: either the nickname you use for KoA or the identifier that connects you to your game platform.
  • 3. Specify the number of gold coins you want to add to your KoA account and then click “Start Generator
  • 4. Using this tutorial, validate our security system and wait a few moments.
  • 5. Restart KoA and see for yourself the presence of your gold coins in order to live an unlimited gaming experience!

Did you like your experience with the gold coins generator? Please let us know in comments (PS: at the end of this page)!

King of Avalon review and information

Dragon Warfare is a game of strategy and action in which you lead a promising city.

King Arthur is dead and the kingdom plunges into total chaos. To restore order and peace, you decide to found your own city and then to make it prosper by plundering the enemy cities of their resources. Thanks to a size find: a dragon egg that you must cherish and cover to the point of being able to train it and to consider the animal as a weapon in its own right.

KoA is an absolutely exciting MMO that has already seduced millions of players around the world. Among them, only a meager hundred have using gold coins resource generator. And guess where these players are today? In the top 50 of the best players of KoA!

You will have understood: no need to throw your money through the window, a generator shot and the trick is played! It’s free, unlimited and secure so why not?

While waiting for our next cheat, we wish you a great game on King of Avalon!

More cheats coming soon at!

The CheatsRoom team

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