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Hello everyone!

Today we meet for a small article on Iron Blade – Medieval Legends, an action-RPG game that deserves the attention of all our Cheaters, especially when we know that there is a cheats to obtain rubies for free and unlimited. This is our hack, we present it through this article. Hope you enjoy! 😉

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Our Ruby Generator – Iron Blade

Iron Blade – Medieval Legends is a freemium game, that is to say that you are brought during the game to spend a few dollars against a handful of rubies in order to continue your game.sack of rubies hack iron blade

Rubies are actually the virtual currency of the game. Because of it you can get extra energy but also white steel bars or a raid ticket but also shorten the waiting time in improving your weapons or infrastructure. It is precisely on this aspect that the developers of the game Iron Blade fill their pockets.

If you think you’re the only ones to play, you’re wrong! Publishers are playing as well with us through these in-apps.

At CheatsRoom, we have made this marketing technique very honest our everyday struggle. Our credo? Make sure that a maximum number of mobile players could really enjoy their favorite games for free.

With experience and know-how in terms of hacking, our developers at CheatsRoom has managed to find the fault contained in the system of Iron Blade. Thanks to it, the latter has therefore conceived a cheat applicable within the system of the game: the ruby generator.

Is the Ruby Generator a Secure Hack?

chest of rubies hack iron bladeThe Ruby Generator is a cheat tool that is based on a unique generator model in the world. Invented by our team, it allowed to raise our site as one of the best website of mobile games cheats. And thanks to you and your confidence that we can offer each day more cheats to you.

What mostly marks our difference is the security we bring to it. Indeed, the generator is equipped with a particularly powerful security system that allows all its users to use it without fear of a single risk of ban. Not bad, isn’t it?

This security portal is the addition of a transparency function to that of an anti-robot test. This set ensures the protection of your data, but especially to be perfectly anonymous in the eyes of the developers of the game. Because of this, you can cheat as much as you want. It’s unlimited!

In order for this assembly to be fully functional, it is necessary that you activate it. This process, which may seem a bit tricky, is actually very simple to apply. To help you, we even realized a very short guide (promised!) That shows you how to activate our security system.

Activating Ruby Generator (cheat code)

  • Step n°1 – Go to the top of this page and click on the “Go to Generator” button
  • Step n°2 – In the toolbar, select either the nickname you use on Iron Blade – Medieval Legends or the email address for your account on Google Play, Microsoft, or the App Store.
  • Step n°3 – Select the appropriate quantities of rubies and click “Start Generator“. Do you remember that you can come back when you want to renew another generation. ?
  • Step n°4 – Activate our security portal.
  • Step n°5 – Wait for the time the generator generates your gold bullion then once the loading bar is complete, restart Iron Blade
  • Step n°6 – All you need to do is take advantage of your new resources and become one of the most feared players of Iron Blade – Medieval Legends!

Iron Blade – Medieval RPG: Game Review and Preview (+Video)

We must always believe what old prophecies say. The one who predicted that a demon lord of the name of Baal would come and try to put the world under his rule, said it was true. And it seems that the only one who is able to avoid such a catastrophe is you.

You will join the Templar organization to save humanity by fighting against horrible creatures and other fighters belonging to the evil forces. This action-RPG will only surprise you!

With breathtaking graphics, Iron Blade is a truly successful mobile game. Travel and travel through Europe during the medieval era by confronting the living dead of Scotland as well as the vampires of Transylvania. Between the Middle Ages and the fantastic world, you will have to travel to a universe of magic where spells are rigors to win the battle.

The ruby generator will allow you to enjoy this game without ever having to undergo any more limits. Buy extra energy, a demonic bone, or thousands of gold coins to be the savior the world expects.

We will meet tomorrow for another cheat, bye!


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