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Does some of you play at Guns Royale? Today we decided to make it our topic of the day because there are numerous of us in the team to play this game. We hope you will join us soon in the fan team of this game where you will need a generator to get coins and gems for free.

Guns Royale Hack

Introducing the Guns Royale Gems and Coins Generator

Guns Royale Free CoinsThe Guns Royale gems and coins generator is an online cheating system set up by CheatsRoom developers. These are recognized as true experts in cheating. With their experience and know-how in terms of coding, the developers of CheatsRoom allows thousands of players to enjoy limitless gameplays for free.

The tool that we make available on this page is protected by a security portal also created by our team. Composed of an anti-robot test as well as a transparency filter, this security allows its users to be protected from the possible risks of bans to which they are usually exposed.

For this device to be functional, users must activate it by taking inspiration from the very simple and understandable guide that we added to our generator.

Before starting our generator – it is recommended to be ready for it – you just have to follow the instructions in the following paragraph.

Hack | Generate free gems and coins on Guns Royale

  • Step n°1 – Go to the top of this page and click on the button “Go to Generator“.
  • Step n°2 – In the bar provided, choose either: the name you assigned to your first login on Guns Royale or the email address linked to your account on the App Store.
  • Step n°3 – From the quantities of gems and coins offered, select the ones that suit you then click on “Start Generator“. Remember that you can come back whenever you want to renew another generation.
  • Step n°4 – Activate our security system by following the steps in the generator.
  • Step n°5 – Wait for the generator to produce your coins and gems, then once the loading bar is complete, restart Guns Royale.
  • Step n°6 – Go to Guns Royale to enjoy your coins and gems!

Why and when should I use this cheating code?

The quantities of gems as well as the quantities of coins proposed by our generator are identical to those proposed in the shop of Guns Royale. The reason? A triple measure thought by our developers not to arouse the suspicions of publishers (with the activation of our security portal, the chances of you being spotted are close to 0.01%, that’s telling you something!).

Guns Royale Free GemsIn order to enjoy a varied, but moderate gameplay, we advise you not to use our generator more than three or four times a week. The interest is especially to be able to use the gems to start games with a weapon you like (and less video advertising! Yaay!).

The interest of the generator of gems and coins is obvious for Cheaters, you will understand it. Beyond the savings that you realize by using it, you benefit from a rich and diversified gaming experience and all this without arousing the suspicions of whoever it was.

Anyway, I’ll tell you one thing: Guns Royale players who are at the top of the rankings necessarily have recourse to a generator of gems and coins.

Wish you make fun with your favorite cheating partner: CheatsRoom.

Presentation of Guns Royale

Guns Royale IconGuns Royale is a multiplayer shooting game in which you have to eliminate all other players in order to be the last survivor.

With the tunes of Playerunknown’s Battleground and old school graphics at Bit Heroes, Guns Royale is currently only available on iOS devices and only in English. An Android version should probably not delay due to the already well-inked success of this freemium game.

In Guns Royale, just like in PUBG, you and a dozen other players are parachuted onto an island without any equipment. The goal is to explore your playground as quickly as possible in order to find something to arm you, heal you and hide you.

Only the last player to stay alive will win the game on time.

We did we like: the similarity of the concept of PUBG allied to the graphics of the video games of the 90s. We are especially thrilled to finally see a multiplayer shooter whose mobile adaptation is so successful.

Why did we like it less: the fact that the game is not yet available on Android (or on Windows Phone for that matter …)

Have fun with the generator of gems and coins, it’s a great your ally!

The CheatsRoom Team.


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