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If you have never heard of Gardenscapes, then you have at least viewed a pub of this game somewhere. It is very simple: Gardenscapes is so popular that the team of CheatsRoom has literally crumbled under the demands of you dear Cheaters!

What were you asking for? Well a hack generator of golden coins!

So after a few weeks of hard work, we are pleased to share with you the good news: the gold coin generator is now available on this page and guess what? It is free!

GardenScapes Hack

A cheat generating golden coins: for what?

Gardenscapes is a game characterized by the integration of paid options. This type of game is called a freemium, a free to play or a pay to win. To make it very short: you have to pay to win, or you will not progress.

In our case of the day, whatever your objective, you will inevitably need sooner or later a lot of golden coins and if, like us, you have the pocket holed, then you will be delighted with the gold coin generator .

In reality, the game is designed in such a way that players feel at some point “obligated” to buy these resources. So inevitably, when you like a game, you do not count how many times you spentGardenScapes Coins Hack your money for it.

At CheatsRoom we do not like this kind of practice very much imposed by the publishers. So, our team of developers decided to create for a maximum of geeks a super hack: the gold coin generator.

Free and 100% secure, this cheats contains a transparency filter that allows all its users to make use of the generator in the most complete anonymity. In addition, they have also integrated an anti-robot test that you must activate each time you start the golden coins generator at CheatsRoom.

For those who do not know how to use it, we’ve wrote a short step-by-step guide below this paragraph that will guide you through the generation process.

GardenScapes Hack

How to cheat with the golden coins generator?

In order to benefit from our cheats trick, you must first have an account on Gardenscapes or at least a pseudonym (the name you were asked to enter during your first game). Make sure you have a good internet connection (wifi for example).

  • Step n°1 >_ Go to the top of this page and click on the red “Go to Generator” button
  • Step n°2 >_ In the corresponding box, enter the username you use on Gardenscape or the email address associated with your Facebook account, Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Step n°3 >_ Choose the number of golden coins you want to inject into your Gardenscape account and click “Generate” once you are satisfied with your choice.
  • Step n°4 >_ Validate our security system. This process will have to be repeated every generation.
  • Step n°5 >_ Your resources are finally available on your account! Restart Gardenscape to finally enjoy all your golden coins.

Did your experience with the golden coins generator satisfy you? Do not hesitate to write us by giving your opinion in a short comment at the bottom of this article!

Gardenscapes Free Coins

Gardenscapes, a mobile game with different facets!

If Gardenscapes is as successful on mobile media, it is primarily a game that offers different activities: management, construction, alignment will be part of the game! However, first of all let’s talk about the synopsis which, in our opinion, has its importance …


You are happy of a splendid manor left by your great uncle. You ran away from your daily stress of the city, you decide to move in and find the former butler of your distant relative. This one is now at your service and it falls rather well because arriving at the manor you discover a garden totally abandoned

Objectives and Awards

The objective of the game will be to give a second life to this beautiful, but unlikely, green space. Object is not the only thing you will want to install that cost money for you (golden coins) but also stars! As you will have seen, the latter is particularly difficult to accumulate because they are obtained by fulfilling the objectives set by the alignment at 3.

GardenScapes Cheats

Aligning to 3th level allows you to align objects of the same color and shape. The longer the combination of these items the more you win golden coins and are likely to achieve your goals faster. Thereafter, you will get golden coins which will then allow you to buy enough to furnish your garden.

The golden coins have a multiple function: you can use them as currency to buy furniture, boosts during a game of combinations or even extra lives in case of five repeated failures.

You will understand, you cannot go on Gardenscapes unless you use cheats. Now when you are the happy owner of several thousand golden coins, all we have to do is to wish you great game, without constraints or limitations!

See you tomorrow for other cheats friends!

The CheatsRoom Team.

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