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For the readers, thank you for following us daily more and more on CheatsRoom, we are very grateful! Today we will see together how to get Unlimited Crystals through our cheat trick on Survivors: The Quest!

We hope that our cheat will please you, do not hesitate to comment to give us your opinions, and help us to improve our trick!

Why cheat on Survivors?

If you are a player, or a Survivors player: The quest, you know how much the game publisher has to “abuse” the need for crystals to move forward without having to wait all the time. There are many players complaining about this, explaining that they have passed several to try to go to the next level, in vain … Complaining that they are obliged to put their hand to the wallet in order to advance.

Very good game but some objects are sometimes difficult to find …. If we do not use our crystals it is difficult to advance ….

So it’s obvious that it’s a Pay-to-win, otherwise called Premium, and I think if you’ve tried some mobile games recently, you’ve probably realized that Survivors is not an exception . They are all like that! If they were not all Premium then we would not have the ambition to build a site such as CheatsRoom, and especially to build cheat software, mainly dedicated to mobile games! We just find that inadmissible.

Cheating in Survivors allows you to play the game without any restrictions, taking advantage of it, simply aspects of the enjoyable game that the publisher was striving to make difficult to access until now. You do not have to doubt a free solution is indeed possible to enjoy the gameplay of the game. Do not let yourself, do not take your blue card on a drive … In any case we do not recommend it, you have Doubt much better to do with your money.

How to use the Survivors cheat?

Our cheat is an online generator, which therefore does not require any download and therefore does not at all endanger your computer or your mobile phone. To use it, just click at the top of this page on the red, generator access button. You will arrive on the site of our generator where it will be necessary:

  • – Indicate your pseudonym in game, or your email address linked to your account (the detection of the latter is done automatically)
  • – Specify the number of Crystals you want to generate (you can generate several at a time)
  • – Indicate your platform (Android, Ios (iphone), or Windows Phone).
  • – Click on “generate”
  • – Wait 2 minutes, then restart your application
  • – Enjoy your Crystals

Attention: to take advantage of our 100% free tip, you will have to follow the instructions of the video at the top of this page! 😉

Is your tip dangerous for my Survivors account?

It’s a good question, but do not worry! Your account is well protected from the bans! The editors will absolutely not be able to reconcile your account with any cheat as our online Crystal Generator is completely hidden by our servers, and the amount of crystals generated are also similar to the purchase amounts offered in Game … In short, you risk absolutely nothing and your account too!

Can I use the cheat several times in a row?

Our team will advise you to wait a bit before repeating the use of crystal generator. Try to simulate as much as possible a buyer lambda, so wait at least an hour or two before using the generator again. However, nothing prevents you from using it 10 times a day!

Are there many cheats on Survivors: The Quest

There is more and more cheat on the game, but the vast majority of players do not yet use cheat. Maybe they are not as curious as you? 🙂

In general, we observe the same constant in all mobile games: some cheaters quickly generate their resources, and progressively, more and more people join them on the “dark” side of the force! Word of mouth is often the most favorable reason for the installation of such generators in the manners!

Game Overview and Reviews

After being stranded on a desert island, a small fictitious group quickly realizes that the place on which they landed is strange because particularly leaning on scientific experiments … We must therefore embody the three protagonists in turn and do everything to survive … Classic when you fail on an island, is not it?

The game is finally quite original, it changes, the graphics are very correct without being incredible. What really changes is the different mini-games we can find during our journey. I do not want to spoil anyone, but you will not be disappointed!

The only downside we have just talked about at length so I will not spread myself out, but if you want to play without crystals you might get bored! Fortunately, now you know how to generate your Crystals for free! Ah and the people who say it is “gems” is not the case, they are indeed crystals!

Wish you very fast, and good game at all!

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