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Yesterday we promised you a very quick return with a new cheat. Promised thing, thing due: today we present you the gemstone generator for the mobile game Idle Heroes.

This cheat trick is completely free and will allow you to generate incredible amounts of gems unlimited!

Our Idle Heroes Gems Generator

How not to resist the urge to buy gems in the Idle Heroes shop? At CheatsRoom, our testers quickly realized that these compulsive purchases were going to lead many players straight to bankruptcy.

Although the prices displayed are not particularly exorbitant, the purchase of gems, as for him, becomes so because he must regularly fill his account of these precious resources.

If the gems are expensive, it is because they allow the editors of Idle Heroes to round off their ends of months at our expense. By claiming to provide a free game behind the tempting gaming label premium, they attract millions of players every day on their game.

Once the first levels are over, we quickly realize that we do not win battles on Idle Heroes if we do not spend money for virtual resources at least once.

So, to avoid drastic and frankly unnecessary expenses, our team of developers has decided to develop a cheat trick that can be reachable for everyone but is mostly free and unlimited!

The hack generator of gems that you find today on this page is a tool directly available and usable online. It allows to credit your account on Idle Heroes of gems without having to spend a penny anymore!

You should know that there are many sites on the Internet that offer cheat tools such as generators. Unfortunately for the players, all these sites are not necessarily reliable and for the most part not very secure.

How about security of Idle Heroes hack ?

At CheatsRoom, your safety is our priority. Before we publish a cheat on our blog and share it with a lot of people, we do a series of tests – on our own testing devices – to prove that our security system works.

The security system included in the gem generator is a way to ensure the cyber security of all the users of our hack. Composed of an anti-robot test as well as a transparency filter, this portal guarantees the anonymity of each player.

In order for this system to be fully functional, we ask you to activate our security system by yourself. At the end of the generation, you will have to make a technical manipulation which is explained to you in the simple tutorial that we published at the middle of this article.

Note that you will not be able to get all of the requested gems if you do not activate our security. Moreover, this operation must be renewed every time you come to our site to make an umpteenth generation of gems.

How to use the gemstone hack?

  • 1. Click the “Go to Generator” button at the top of this page
  • 2. Select the type of platform you are using (iOS / Android) and then, to identify yourself, simply indicate: either the nickname you use for Idle Heroes or the identifier that connects you to your download platform.
  • 3. Specify the number of gems you want to add to your Idle Heroes account and click “Start Generator
  • 4. Restart Idle Heroes and see for yourself the presence of your gems to live a gaming experience without limit!

So the Roomsters? Did you enjoy the experience? So do not hesitate to share your opinion by writing us a comment at the bottom of this article.

Introducing Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes is a mobile game available on iOS and Android in several languages. This is a fairly classic RPG in which you must fight in PvP mode against creatures and fantastic characters belonging to the forces of evil!

Among a selection of characters, you will have to choose 6 and compose a team of fighters in a strategic way. Heroes in the front line naturally receive more attacks from the enemy while the heroes placed in the rear line inflict more damage on your opponent.

You will have to strategically choose the heroes according to their origin: circle of invocation heroic or circle of invocation ordinary?

Whatever their origin, you will need to take care of your troop and develop their skills regularly.

If you are a distracted person, know that a auto combat mode is offered to you and will play your characters while you are offline.

In short, Idle Heroes is a well-built and enjoyable game where a player rich in gems will find shoe at his foot and distract himself appropriately. We hope you enjoyed our cheat and while waiting for the next, we wish you a great game!

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The CheatsRoom team

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