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Hello everyone !

We are going to look at a tower defense game that is all the rage right now: I want to talk about Battle Islands: Commanders.

And if you are on this page today it’s because this game poses a problem to you: you miss a sacred package of gold and coins to get level.

We put the stress on pause and we reserve it for the fight: the team of Cheatsroom has created for you the generator of free gold and unlimited use special for Battle Islands: Commanders.

Why use our Battle Islands: Commanders hack?

Unless you show incredible patience, it will be difficult for you to accumulate gold on Battle Islands: Commanders.

There are two ways to see your Battle Islands account: Commanders quickly credited with gold coins. Either you pay, or you “cheat” using a cheat code like the gold generator.

The one we propose today follows the same model as its predecessors: our developers just adapt the hack to the game in question and then they integrate an ultra sophisticated security system so that the users of Battle Islands: Commanders are fully protected.

A reliable cheat tool that protects its users

The priority for our cheat is to protect its users.

To do this, the security system must be activated by each user, whenever the gold coin generator will be solicited for a new generation. To find out how to activate it, please see the simple tutorial at the middle of this article.

The anti-robot test and the transparency filter that make up our security portal make it possible to guarantee everyone safe and undetectable protection by the game developers.

When you are ready to generate your gold on our generator, you will notice that we have chosen the same quantities of gold offered in the game shop.

We could have left you the field and let you figure out the gold you need To your account but after several tests on our own devices we realized that it was not fruitful at all!

The tests we carried out on our different devices (iOS, Windows Phone and Android)

proved that the generator worked much better when the quantities of resources were pre-determined.

Applying the cheat trick for Battle Islands: Commanders

To use our cheat trick for Battle Islands: Commanders you just have to go to the top of this page. The fact that the generator is available online is just an extra protection for you. For the rest, just follow the steps listed below.

  • Step 1 – Go to the top of this page and click on the “Go to Generator” button
  • Step 2 – Select the type of platform you are using (iOS or Android).
  • Step 3 – Enter either the nickname you are using on Battle Islands: Commanders or the email address for your account on Google Play, Windows Phone, or the App Store.
  • Step 4 – From the suggested quantities, select the quantity that suits you and then click on “Start the generator”
  • Step 6 – Wait for the time that the generator generates your gems and then once the loading bar is complete, restart Battle Islands: Commanders.
  • Step 7 – All you have to do is enjoy your gold!

Battle Islands: Commanders reviews and presentation

Battle Islands Commanders cheat trick Developed by DR Studio and edited by Italian studio 505 Games, Battle Islands: Commanders is a mobile game available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Released for the first time on our screens on 3 November 2016, it is available in French.

This game of war and cards takes place in the middle of World War II. You play as a novice commander and have to face the enemy camp by

deploying the different units you have under your care at the right time.

On the gameplay side, everything takes place on a game board, so it’s easy to guess that this is a

defense tower strategy game in which you’ll start a fantastic collection of maps. In the same principle as Clash Royale, you will find a principle of “crates” to open. The latter contain rewards that are sometimes quite rare.

As you will see, as you progress through your game, you will find it increasingly difficult to get powerful

card decks that can set you apart from other players. Similarly, it will take some time before you understand all the tricks and techniques to apply to win a fight.

Using the gold generator for Battle Islands: Commanders will

allow you to test your skills in the field, but also to recognize more quickly

the different capacities of a map and when it is considered useful to use it .

In any case, it is hoped that you will enjoy your new games on this very successful game.

We love it so much that we let you savor all this while waiting for the next release of our cheat!

Good party with your favorite entertainment partner.

The CheatsRoom team

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