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Need more golden coins and boosts on Bit Heroes? That’s good, today we’re talking about our special Bit Heroes gems generator. This tool is used online and is accessible from this page. It is available for free and its use is unlimited!

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The special gems generator for Bit Heroes

Bit Heroes Free GemsMany of you were asking for a generator of gems for Bit Heroes. Since it is now available, you just have to find out how to use it.

The generator of gems is a very simple hack to apply on Bit Heroes. Designed by online cheats developers, its popularity is largely due to the savings it can achieve.

However, then how does the gems generator work within Bit Heroes? In reality, there is the security system that is implanted in the heart of our hack that allows users to credit their account in any discretion.

This security system has naturally been invented and tested by our team. These experiments on different devices (tablets and mobile phones on iOS and Android) allowed us to determine the formidable efficiency of our hack.

The cyber security portal that the gems generator is equipped with is a first hack of transparency. The hack allows in particular to ensure a discreet use, not to say completely anonymous generator.

An anti-robot test then completes the case. Thanks to it, the generator will, however, be able to identify you as “human” and not as malicious software.

Is the use of the generator risky for the player?

Bit Heroes HackThis question deserves to be studied in this article because it comes back very often in your first impressions. Know that if our developers were keen to develop such a security system within the generator it is not for nothing!

The addition of the anti-robot test to the transparency function excludes any risk of exposure to the ban of a game. The majority of websites offering generators is also lacking of it because this system is relatively complex to design.

Despite this, we made the choice of security for our users. So if you do not want to be banned from Bit Heroes, only one solution is available to you: the use of the gems generator on CheatsRoom.

Is it limited to use generator of gems?

It’s been years that the cheats we make available on our blog are free and unlimited and they will always remain!

Nevertheless, to be perfectly quiet and run no risk of ban on Bit Heroes, we made impossible the use of our cheats without the activation of our security system.

For those who do not know how to do it, we’ve published instructions at the generator that explains you how to activate this security portal.

Cheating trick fast and terribly effective!

Below you will find a list of steps how to activate the Gems Generator for Bit Heroes. Note that you must first have an account on Bit Heroes to use our cheat trick.Bit Heroes Cheats

  • Step n°1 | Go to the top of this page to find the button “Go to generator” and open our cheat.
  • Step n°2 | In the bar reserved for this purpose, indicate either: the username you use on Bit Heroes or the email address linked to your account on Google Play or on the App Store.
  • Step n°3 | From the selection of gems proposed, select the one that suits you then click on “Start the generator“.
  • Step n°4 | Read instructions and know how to activate our security portal.
  • Step n°5 | Wait for the generator to generate your new resources and then, once the loading bar is complete, restart Bit Heroes.
  • Step n°6 | Your gems finally available, all you need to do is enjoy your game and enjoy unlimited gems.

Bit Heroes, THE 2017 MMORPG!

Bit Heroes iconBased on Pixel Art, Bit Heroes is a new mobile game available in six languages on the App Store and Google Play.

In this exciting MMORPG you will have to explore a fantastic world and win shock duels against bosses and their bloodthirsty monster teams.

Facing them turn-by-turn carefully selecting your attacks, you can win your duels and have the chance to add a monster to your collection.

The goal is also to develop a real collection of warrior monsters, you will have to show an increased sense of management.

Gems will prove to be more than necessary when it comes to improving the skills of your monsters or even buying equipment such as weapons or boosts.

If you’re a fan of old-fashioned games like when you capture Pokémon on Nintendo DS, you will love Bit Heroes. In addition, with all your gems, you really have no excuses not to try it.

See you soon for more cheats! Stay connected.

The CheatsRoom Team.


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