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Anticlove Story of Two Sisters Hack

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Like any free mobile game, Anticlove: Story of Two Sisters contains paid options and that’s the reason for your coming here today. Fortunately for you, our developers has quickly developed a super-cheat: the generator of action points. Are you surprised?

Presentation of our action points generator (AP)

The special action points generator (AP) Anticlove: Story of Two Sisters is a creation of our team. From their laboratories, our developers test the game and analyze its system to detect a possible glitch. Out of 100 games, at least 95 of them present bugs likely to make our cheat codes work.

If you read these lines today it is that our online cheating experts have managed to detect a flaw and adapt a cheat based to: action points generator.

Why use this cheat?

One of the most important aspects of the generator is that it is 100% free and for unlimited use. The objective of our hack is to be able to make accessible a maximum of mobile games to aAnticlove Story of Two Sisters Hack maximum number of players.

For some years now, mobile game publishers have realized that by including paid options in their games, they could make a bundle of money on the backs of the players. Making a game impossible without action points, when the player feels obliged to buy them in the game store and the trick is played!

As our team is composed of passionate video game geeks, we decided a half year ago to counter these payments to the detriment of the publishers but not to the profile of all players by creating cheat codes for free.

Another detail: the action points generator Anticlove : Story of Two Sisters is a secure hacking tool. In other words, you risk no ban when using the generator. Unlike ¾ of the websites hosting cheats, CheatsRoom protects its users so that they can come to make generations as many times as necessary.

How to apply cheat code?

To apply our cheat code to your Anticlove : Story of Two Sisters account, simply follow the instructions we have slipped below.

Please note that for cyber security reasons we will ask you to authenticate your account (this information does not go back to the editors) by activating our security system. To do this, our developers had designed a short instruction which will explain an activation step.

To get all of yours AP on Anticlove: Story of Two Sisters, this step is strictly required. However, do not worry too much, it’s a breeze! After two or three generations, you will no longer need to read those instructions as you will learn by heart.

So? Are you ready for AP generation? Let’s go!

Hack ♥ Free Action Points generation on Anticlove : Story of Two Sisters

Remember that in order to generate AP on Anticlove: Story of Two Sisters you must first have an account on the game.Anticlove Story of Two Sisters Free AP

  1. Click the “Go to Generator” button at the top of this page
  2. Select the type of platform you are using (iOS, Facebook or Android) and then, to identify yourself, simply indicate either the nickname you use for Anticlove: Story of Two Sisters or the identifier that connects you to your download platform.
  3. Specify the number of APs you want to add to your Anticlove: Story of Two Sisters account and click “Start Generator
  4. Validate our security system and wait a few moments.
  5. Restart Anticlove: Story of Two Sisters and then see for yourself the presence of your action points in order to experience a love and interactive experience without limits!

Presentation Anticlove’s : Story of Two Sisters

Anticlove story of two sisters iconIn Anticlove: Story of Two Sisters, you take your place in the adventure of love. Available in many languages on iOS and Android, this freemium mobile game is also played on one of our favorite social networks: Facebook!

Unsurprisingly, and like all free-to-play games with rose water, Anticlove: Story of Two Sisters is a clicker.

Motivated by a personal mission, you leave for the University of Palentir in Egypt. On the spot, you meet the students before starting your first hour of course. Hardly these last started that the rumors are already good trin! The university would be haunted …!

With the help of your comrades, you set out to discover the mysteries that overlook the school. And to help you, you can count on Uncle Woody, already well-informed about the case.

Anticlove: Story of Two Sisters is a game of discovery mixing love story and stunning adventure! It is more enjoyable to play when you know that the action points are available free and without limits on the face, isn’t it?

Have a good gaming!

The CheatsRoom Team.


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