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Hi everybody! As usual, we are here for a new article on an umpteenth freemium game. Many of you have asked us for a cheats on Age of Empires: Castle Siege, so after a few weeks of hard work, our team is very proud to show you free hack: The Gold Generator!

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Regarding The Gold Generator hack – AoE: Castle Siege

If you are on this page today it’s because you have difficulty keeping your golden coins on Age of Empire: Castle Siege. Do not worry: this is normal! The game is programmed so that your resources are easily exhaustible and a contrary very difficult to obtain.

Gold is the main currency of the game. When you run out of gold, you can always show a wise patience or go to the game shop to buy more. And yes the Cheaters, unfortunately for you, the gold is bought well with money (real) on AoE: Castle Siege.

However, a misfortune never happens alone here and CheatsRoom is the guardian angel that will come to save you from the economic massacre in which you are sinking little by little.

If you already do not know our team, you may have doubts about our technique. Yet, it is because to the multiple hacks that we produce and we are now recognized as the first online cheats website in the USA. And yeah, do you trust us now?

To use our generator, it’s simple: just follow the instructions in the next paragraph. However, before launching body and soul into the generation of gold, know that our generator is equipped with a security portal that you must activate by following the instructions in generator.

Note that this activation must be reproduced at each generation requests on your part. Since you will probably come back to our site several times to generate gold on AoE: Castle Siege, we recommend that you read the paragraph below carefully. Good cheating on CheatsRoom!

Cheating: How to Generate Gold for Free on Age of Empires – Castle Siege?

  • Step n°1 – Go to the top of this page and click on the “Go to Generator” button.Age of Empires Castle Siege Free Gold
  • Step n°2 – In the toolbar, indicate either the name you assigned to Age of Empires: Castle Siege on either the email address linked to your account on Xbox, Google play or App store.
  • Step n°3 – Select the gold coins you want and click “Start Generator“. Remember that you can come back when you want to renew another generation.
  • Step n°4 – Activate our security portal.
  • Step n°5 – Wait for the time the generator generates your gold and then once the load bar is complete, restart Age of Empires: Castle Siege.
  • Step n°6 – Go to Age of Empires: Castle Siege to enjoy your gold!

About Age of Empires: Castle Siege

Age of Empires Castle Siege iconAge of Empires is a name that evokes something. This series of real-time strategy games originally published for PC, Microsoft Studios has expanded to the freemium genre with Castle Siege.

In this game suitable for mobile media (tablets & smartphones), you will have to mount your empire starting in medieval times. Castle Siege looks like if I’m getting into Total War Battles: Kingdom or even Castle Crush given that these three games rely on the same building management principle.

However, unlike Total War Battles: Kingdom and Castle Crush, Castle Siege offers you to revise history through several eras and playing against different people. Choose between the Britons, the Franks, the Teutonic Order, the Byzantines, the Sviatoslav I of Kiev and the Saracens the people you prefer to interpret.

The gold will allow you to buy food for your troops, but you also can pay for their training with them. You will have to take this dimension into account in order to prepare you for combat and plunder the resources of the enemy realms.

Available on Windows Phone, iOS and Android, Age of Empires: Castle Siege is the game you should try if you are Total War Battles: Kingdom or Castle Crush fans, but want to try something different. We hope that you will enjoy this new game with the gold generated by our hack tool.

See you tomorrow for new tricks and tips how to hack games on your favorite hacking website CheatsRoom!

The CheatsRoom Team.


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